About NRDO

National Rural Development Organization is a non-profit Humantarian and Development Community Organization established in 2014 and registered by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (Reg. No 360).

National Rural Development Organization was funded by a group of women and youth of South Sudan with the aim of responding to the ever increasing social, economic, and health challenges affecting many grassroots population of the country and whose mission and vision is to uplift, establish and promote relief and development services to create ground for rural and national development in South Sudan as a whole.

Historical Background & Good Relations with Local Authorities/Line Ministries

NRDO has worked in South Sudan since 2013. Our country office is based in Juba and from there NRDO runs a complex programme with several thematic areas. Partnership with Civil Society, Rural Development and Agriculture, and Emergency Response within the Food Security and Livelihoods sector. NRDO South Sudan has sub-offices, around 20 staff and an annual turnover of around USD 100,000. NRDO also enjoys a good working relationship with the local authorities (RCC and Agriculture Department) and other humantarian and development organizations in the area. At the national level and country level, NRDO is an active member of the Food Security cluster, which enables the NRDO to effectively coordinate its activities with partner NGOs implementing FSL activities in South Sudan.

Organizational Technical Expertise and Experience

NRDO has been implementing food security and livelihoods in South Sudan since 2013. The focus of the programming over the years has been a mix of both short-term emergency food security and long-term livelihoods programming. The types of activities promoted has included distribution of livelihood kits, reduction of post-harvest losses in main field crops, small grants (revolving funds), Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR), Village Savings And Loan Association (VSLA), market linkages/value chain promotion, extension approaches, Farmer Field Schools/Agro-Pastoral Field Schools, support for children and youth and functional literacy, Community Based Animal Service Delivery, livestock restocking and livelihood diversification.

NRDO has also been involved in activities aimed at improving access to agricultural inputs as a means to improve agricultural production by promoting community based seed multiplication and ox-plough technologies. NRDO has also relevant experience in conducting traninig of targeted communities on basic improved agricultural practical experience, basic post-harvest and techniques (including fish preservation).


To actively engage the community activities those are aimed at improving the lives of the most vulnerable populations.


To promote resilience and sustainable development in the communities.


Our Areas Of Focus

Operational Capacity and Geographical Presence

NRDO has offices in Juba, Torit, Yei, Melut and Fashoda. Further more, NRDO has a geographical presence but with no offices in Pohalla, Lafon and Magwi.

Risk Prevention and Accountability Mechanism.

NRDO has a strong financial and grant management systems, supported by internal controls that are reqularly reviewed, as well as an anti-corruption policy and established code of conduct, which NRDO expects all employees to strictly adhere to. All country directors/Programme Managers, and Heads of Departments, are expected to make the ACP known among employees and to ensure that the policy and its tools are implemented. All employees of NRDO are expected to acknowledge that it is a corrupt act not to report suspected case of corruption, and all managers to acknowledge that it is a corrupt act not to act with sufficient measures upon such

Technical Expertisse and Capacity

NRDO has fully designated project managers for each project, supported by a host of technical team and staff.Currently, NRDO has full time contactual staff including technical experts ( With qualification in agriculture, livelihood, entrepreneurship and business enterprise development and related disciplines). NRDO has qualified staffs in Agriculture and related disciplines, and extension workers with qualification in extension services. All these staffs have adequate experience ( more than 3 years on average ) working in the agriculture sector in different parts of South Sudan. Each county has a focal person (field officer) with specific contextual background and technical capacity for coordinating all county programs.

NRDO has a quality assurance team comprising of monitoring and evaluations officers, accountability to affected populations (AAP) focal person, with the basic standards and tools in place to ensure program quality. Every project is closely monitored and periodically evaluated, to incorporate lessons learnt into subsequent program adjustment.

NRDO has good working relationship and collaboration with the relevant government institutions including Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), County Agriculture Department (CAD), County Commissioners Office, as well as relevant State ministries, other organized community groups and humantarian partners in South Sudan.

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