A non-profit national Humantarian and Development Community Organization established in 2014 and registered by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (Reg. No 360)

Experience Working With UN Agencies

NRDO has since 2013 worked in partnership with UN ( WFP & FAO ) for implementing of life-saving emergency food security and livelihoods activites and emergency Livestock disease control and prevention especially in Juba, Torit, Lafon, Magwi, Yei and Melut. NRDO therefore has a good understanding of UN/FAO systems, performance expectations and reporting required.

Human Resource Capability

NRDO has staff with appropriate skills and experience to be able to effectively partner with the FAO in South Sudan. The organization has a support team based in Juba which provides support to the team on programmatic and support related functions in South Sudan.

In South Sudan, NRDO has staff with both the technical skills and experience in the fields of food security, livelihoods, sustainable agriculture, safety and security, finance, logistics and procurement.

NRDO Thematic Areas

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Food Security and Livelihoods

crop production

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Sustainable Agriculture

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Responding to Humanity in South Sudan

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